In India majority of people using hearing aid are not happy and/or satisfied with their devices or/and hearing aid.

Possible reasons are:-

Lack of awareness about the right professional to go to

  1. An ENT?
  2. A Physiotherapists?
  3. A General Doctor?
  4. An Ophthalmologist? or An Audiologists.

Yes, An Audiologists are the right professional to go to know about your hearing aid who hold the degree of bachlor or post-graduate.

In India majority of people think that ear machine and it hearing aid is just a is amplify or/and louder sound.

Hearing aid is not a just machine, It is device to stop your hearing loss and help to hear that sounds which is not able to hear without hearing aid.

In India majority of people say that it is not good hearing aid, only just because of not good to look at.

Hearing aid is not a Ornament so you can not look at and say that this is not looking good.

My friend’s father has hearing loss and then his mother also hearing impairment so same hearing aids are work.

Hearing loss is different in different person so you can not decide to one person use hearing and that the other person use same hearing aid.

Hearing aid cost too much it can not afford-able.

Today’s many hearing technology comes in a range of budget.

Hearing aid does not run a long time it is become useless quickly.

Hearing aid run five to six years and minimum two years of warranty.