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OAE Test

April 05, 2022 48 people Latest news

The most feasible tool for screening infants and toddlers is portable otoacoustic emissions (OAE). A portable handheld screening unit is used to complete the process. In the child's ear canal, a tiny probe is inserted. A low-volume sound stimulus is delivered into the ear using this probe. In your ear is inserted a little earphone or probe. The probe sends noises into your ear and then measures how loud they are when they return. During the test, there is no requirement for you to do or say anything. Despite its high accuracy, the test is not always successful in detecting hearing loss. A "false negative" test result is what it's called when it happens.

  • OAE Test in IFFCO Chowk
  • OAE Test in Gurugram
  • OAE Test in DLF Phase 4
  • OAE Test in DLF Phase 5

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