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Best Hearing Aids

July 26, 2022 105 people Service

Selecting a Hearing Aid Device:

  • Acoustics: Initial Selection is made based on the representation of Hearing loss and Auditory needs (auditory environment, in which the person remains in most of the day time) of the person.
  • Technology: Secondary selection is filtering out the selected devices (in the previous step) based on the required technical features like- number of Channels, Noise Cancellation, Speech Rescue, Connectivity features. It is essential to keep in mind that Hearing Losses are usually progressive; hence, the device should have enough headroom to fit future requirements as per the changing loss.
  • Cosmetic Appeal: The third consideration is given to the casing of the technology, which becomes the wearing option based on where it is put while using. For example, CIC, ITC, ITE, RIC, BTE, Body-worn.

Once the device is selected, the trial is done to see if the selection meets the Listening preferences of the person wearing it. Two people with similar loss might have different preferences to the sounds. It is precisely like the preference of music is different to everyone.

Ear impression– Process of customizing Hearing aid or for making an ear mould of the unique size.

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