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Best Speech Therapist

November 23, 2022 56 people Latest news

Speech therapy is an intervention method that focuses on helping children with impaired speech or swallowing capabilities. Speech therapists, commonly known as speech-language pathologists (SLPs), are highly educated, trained, and experienced professionals that can provide such services to children and adults. They often work as a team to help patients overcome a wide range of difficulties. Children or adults that have difficulties communicating may also suffer from mental health and behavioural issues, suffer from poor confidence levels and find social interactions hard. Speech therapists can help people with these issues as well. For people affected by impaired speech, articulation is important. As people learn to articulate words properly, they improve their communication skills and confidence. A very common example of this is when children are unable to make the “R” sound. Some grow up with this problem because of the lack of articulatory exercises.


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