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Best Speech Impairment

November 21, 2022 7 people Latest news

A speech impairment affects people who have problems speaking in a regular tone of voice or tempo. Speech impairments make it hard for people to communicate properly, and they can happen in both children and adults. These disorders can cause frustration and embarrassment to the person suffering from them. People who have speech impairments have a hard time pronouncing different speech sounds. They might distort the sounds of some words and leave other sounds out completely. Speech and language impairments are two words that are often used interchangeably, but they are two very different types of problems. Speech means talking. It uses the jaw muscles, tongue, lips, and vocal chords. Language is a set of words and symbols made to communicate a message. Language and speech disorders can affect you separately, or both can happen at the same time.


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  • Best Speech Impairment in Gurgaon
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