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July 19, 2022 38 people Latest news

Delays in communication and language development are often the first sign of developmental problems in young children. When we identify concerns in communication and language development, we encourage families to seek intervention as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and treatment for developmental delays increase the chances of improvement rather than simply “waiting it out” and treating problems later. Treating communication and language difficulties early on can prevent potential problems with behavior, learning, reading, and social interaction. Recent research on brain development reminds us that “earlier IS better” when teaching young children. By age 3, most of the major brain structures are mature, and it becomes more difficult to make significant changes in a child’s growth and development. Early intervention provides parents with resources, support, and information to enhance their child’s communication skills. Working together with a provider trained in early childhood enables parents to feel confident that they are facilitating their child’s communication development. When communication and language are delayed, understanding and interacting with other children will also be delayed. This makes it difficult to develop friendships, solve problems and learn to negotiate conflicts. Through early intervention, children learn how to use language to convey messages, express feelings, and interact with their friends.\

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