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June 25, 2022 47 people Latest news

Tinnitus is a condition where the person has the perception of a constant ringing sensation within the ears without the presence of any actual external factors. The continuous discomfort in the ears can be in any form like buzzing, hissing, clicking etc. The feeling can either be temporary or chronic and continuous. The ringing or buzzing noise can sometimes be just a feeling in the head or in either of your ears giving a sense of hallucinating the noise and hence sometimes denoted as ‘phantom sounds’. Though this isn’t a true psychotic disease, continuous buzzing can lead to discomfort causing psychological and emotional stress, disrupting daily life and social surroundings. Although it isn’t a disease but can be quite a bothersome underlying symptom or an adverse effect due to ear injury, age-related hearing loss, or a circulatory system disorder. The most common cause of this bothersome symptom is due to damage caused in the middle or inner ear. In normal conditions, the sound waves are passed from the middle to the inner ear and then via the ear ossicles, it reaches the eardrum. The inner ear perceives the sound and sends an electrical impulse to the brain, which then accepts the impulses and perceives them as sound. Damage to any part of the ear, be it the ear ossicles, or a tumour or swelling in the eardrum or the auditory nerve can interfere in the normal transmission of sound waves leading to a ringing or buzzing sensation.

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